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Today's Tip

Most airlines today charge extra for carrying bikes, even though similarly bulky items such as skis and golf clubs are exempt from this "tax." If you fly a lot with a bike, the new generation of folding and "coupled" bikes might interest you. These make it possible to pack a full-featured bike in a regular suitcase for easier handling. Frequent flyers may also want to consider buying or renting a quality bike-travel case to protect a full-size bike from the damage baggage systems can cause. Whenever you plan to fly with your bike, check the airline's regulations well in advance, and know the customs requirements for travel abroad. Another option: We can provide an empty bike box you can use for packing and shipping your bike. Or, we can pack and ship it for you, perhaps to your hotel, or to a nearby bicycle shop that can build and have the bike ready for you when you arrive (and box and ship it back, too).


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