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Lock Your Bike To Keep It Safe, Inside and Out - It's a horrible feeling returning to where you left your bike and finding that it's gone. In residential areas, bicycles are frequently stolen from open garages. So, be sure to keep the garage door closed when you're not there to watch things. And, for extra security consider locking your bikes to an immovable object or a stud in the garage wall. For use while cycling, there are small lightweight cables that you can tuck in a pack or suspend from your seat rails by the lock (don't wrap them around the seatpost or frame because they'll scratch the paint). These are okay for quick stops, say resting at a park or stepping into a store for a moment. Use a quality U-lock (lock the frame and both wheels) for better security at higher-risk locations such as schools, bus stops and in urban areas. Be sure your homeowner's or rental insurance covers your bike and keep detailed receipts to speed up the replacement process in case your baby is stolen. We have locks that will fit all your security needs.


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